Things your Wedding Photographer wants, according to Experts

Whoever told women to pose with their chins to the sky can forget about a perfect blend of the big day’s moments and memories. Finding the right photographers can be overwhelming, an exhausting addition to a stressful day, and most likely one of your biggest budget items, so here are a few tips that will help you figure out how to get the most amazing photos. Lists can come in handy on the lead up to the Big Day in order to keep you sane on your planning journey and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important, but when it comes to the capturing the moments a checklist of photos is not necessary.


Before you begin researching, you’ll need to decide on a style

In case there’s a special style you love, find photographers who specialize in it. Spend time pouring over imagery you love and fashion blogger’s feed and make a collection of photographs, in order to dissect what feels authentic, whether it’s formal-posed portraits, a lifestyle feel or sharp shots or a flair for the dramatic.


Unless you’re a photographer, it’s easy to forget that the person which is trying to capture your cute nephew with his grandma is working and sweating details, so here are some tips for getting amazing photos, mostly by not doing what most couples and guests are doing. There are things you need to know if you’re wondering whether there’s something you may miss, so check out our secrets. We put it to the experts and the wedding photographers, to come with some invaluable advice.


Your wedding is our workplace, so don’t hit on us

Guests often give us their phone numbers and try to get us into trouble, which quickly becomes creepy, mostly because we are working. We hate walking in on a couple having sex in the venue, so don’t make us come face-to-face with somebody’s ass, and also don’t let drunk wedding guest try to lure us in a hotel room.



We can say that your wedding photos are a reminder of this day, because long after your wedding dress is put away, and all the thank you notes are mailed out, you will be able to look back on them for those fun moments you had with your partner. Follow these guidelines, because photographs aren’t things you can smell or see at first, so you need to do a careful selectiveness for important facts. We hear wedding photographers chatting on social media about the same topics time and again, but there’s zero point in professionals banging on about people who don’t get it as most are doing this only once and they’ve never been told what they don’t know, so here are some subjects to help you communicate and get better photos.


At the end of the day, the cost reflects the quality

If a low price seems too good, it probably is, so you might consider prioritizing your timeline for fewer hours in case you’re short on money.

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