How to have a fun Bachelorette Party Photography Session

You don’t have to remember the entire bachelorette party, just go looking for some bachelorette party ideas because the days of typical party (tacky straws and strippers) have been tossed to the wayside of the last fling. If you are curious about what happens at a bachelorette photo shoot, you ought to know that it is up to you: you can get the makeup done, a bunch of games, music and get glammed up, as it is a great way to prepare for the wedding and a chance to test your hair. The bachelorette party can have cute summer dresses with awesome sunglasses, arranged in a circle, and as part of the photo shoot package most photographers offer original templates once the photo shoot is finished, as it’s a lot of fun to get the bridal party together for the start.


Let’s face it, putting a boatload of beauties under one roof for one night usually means going out of the books with your best girlfriends for a destination party with glitter bombs, but we might be able to give you some tips. A bachelorette photo shoot is a great way to get your bridal party started, after a relaxing spa treatment. Bachelorette parties are a time to celebrate and have an amazing time while getting some photos, because, if you think about it, all the girls are stunning, rocking their favorite outfits in a great mood.


  1. Even though everyone has a Smartphone, you can give each girl a camera for the weekend, collect them at the end of the party to make them into an album, or set up a bachelorette party photo stream for everyone.


  1. Be sure to look for photographers with experience, as they are better able to offer boudoir photo set ups, as the guests can take it up a notch with flappers from the 20’s, burlesque stage girls, or other ideas to consider. A boudoir photo shoot can be organized by party planners and thus the whole group can go to a photographer’s studio which has bachelorette packages or studio’s group rates. If not every guest wants to participate it’s okay, let them help with hair or something else so that everyone enjoys the photo session.


  1. From dicky shaped straws to a headband with pink peckers, there is something magical that has made millions of Brides stick with it. Traditionally the no. 1 theme has always been the hilarious naughty theme, a favorite for decades, which will make the Bride blush and may be the easiest one to shop for.


  1. While a fabulous location sets the framework, but before any bookings, have a guru in the group conduct a cost analysis, and take into consideration that smaller cities have varying open hours, which might come as a surprise. Brainstorming should start a few months prior in order to find the squad-worthy spots with sophistication, beaches and fabulous boutiques, so search for recommendations on where to shop and hit up some popular hotspots.

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